The brand name "ANDERLOS" was created by founders name and word of symbol noble and psychedelic beautiful word for the composition, its meaning "A beautiful world". ANDERLOS LOGO composition by rounded edges and corners of the diamond-shaped jade inlaid jewelry, its meaning the peace, wealth and auspicious. The middle part is symbol embedded in the octagonal diamond, resulting in bright, eternal visual hint, and the overall outline of the solid lines is use of fashionable coral angle to the outline Overall to wish user have rich, forever and fashionable good wishes.

Excellent genes of Europe, locking fashion lovers, the network of the world's top brands of high-end boutique collection store, aims at providing a luxury shopping platform innovation power, with great concentration to explore brand extracts, brings together the connoisseurs of fashion gathered from all over the world, and communicate with each other and share experience in fashion, never go with the flow, just to create a unique sense of exclusive.


Fashion art spirit

Each year presentation two exciting season series, in a purely oriental spirit, use of full of dreams and imagination of art painting and expression, sneak into the depths of poetic dwelling, close feel the value of handbags, show the extraordinary life experience behind.

Fashion art printing

Each season series by creative director unique tailor-made leather printing, stock limited and keep the leather surface soft touch, showing the brand extraordinary artistic value.

Exquisite and refined craft

ANDERLOS handbags are made of full-grain leather and exquisite handmade edge paint and gem decoration with superb craftsmanship, to production high-end light luxury handbags.


Exquisite gift packaging

Independent designers plan and launch seasonal products in collaboration instead of presenting jointly-signed products.


Brand in accordance with the different goods, provide goods maintenance instructions card. All goods are one year warranty (except for non-human / special goods).

Global free delivery

ANDERLOS creates exclusive fashion for you. At any time to enjoy cross-international, zero-time fashion boutique shopping options. Register now as a member and visit the world with ANDERLOS.

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