2020SS 未末系列 魚雁 HEARTLETTER

2020SS 未末系列 魚雁 HEARTLETTER

【設計靈感】這款鏈帶手袋設計靈感為魚雁書信,加上燕尾配飾花窗五金新元素,呈現全新未末系列,搭配高級皮具製作技藝,強調東方文華風采,以匠心之姿彰顯無盡優雅風範。古典造型及搶眼強烈的鮮明色彩增添時尚感。此款優雅實用的鏈帶手袋以 手掌紋 皮革製成,配有可拆式肩帶,適合休閒肩背攜帶。 

HeartLetter cross body bag

The design of this bag is inspired by the letters of the classical chinese and added new elements of dovetail accessories and window hardware. It is paired with advanced leather craftsmanship and emphasizes the oriental Mandarin style. Classical shapes and vivid colors add a sense of fashion. This elegant and practical chain handbag is made of palm-patterned leather and has a Removable, adjustable shoulder strap that is suitable for casual shoulder carry.

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