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NT$ 2,980.00
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NT$ 9,800.00
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  • 內置空間寬大,大夾層方便空間管理
  • 採用 渡假摩卡棕手掌紋牛皮,具耐磨耐壓特性
  • 薄型油邊
  • 兩用鍊條背帶-精緻流金品牌花磚LOGO五金
  • 內有雙拉鍊收納袋-高質感厚緞裡布
  • 配有口紅收納袋及 單插式卡片夾
  • 可另購買印花型肩帶或吊飾型肩帶做搭配

長: 45 cm
寬: 10 cm
高: 26 cm


The design inspiration is taken from the perfect crescent arch, co mbined with advanced leather craftsmanship, emphasizing the oriental style, showing the endless elegance with ingenuity. We hope that carrying this handbag for travel or important occasions can make you happy because of it.

HeartMoon shoulder bag is made of cowhide leather, with a comfortable leather handle, decorated with gold tiles and zippers. The use is flexible and changeable. The internal compartment is spacious, easy to open and close, and instant access to objects is easier and more convenient.

  • Large built-in space, three large mezzanines facilitate space management
  • Using elegant and noble secret palm leather, with wear resistance and pressure resistance
  • Thin oil edge
  • Dual-use chain strap
  • Exquisite gold brand tiles LOGO hardware
  • Double zip storage bag inside
  • High texture thick satin lining
  • Equipped with lipstick storage bag and single plug-in card holder
  • Also buy a printed shoulder strap or strap strap for matching

Length: 45 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 26 cm